Summary information
general specifications
Model Name Wallbox Commander
Mode Mode 3 Cables Type 1 or Type 2
Overall Dimensions 220x150x135mm (w/o cable)
Weight 2,4 Kg. (w/o cable)
Operating temperature -25ºC to 45ºC
Storage temperature -40ºC to 70ºC
CE Marking IEC61851-1 - IEC61851-22
electrical specifications
Max Power 7,4kW (1P) / 22 kW (3P)1
Input Voltage 230V, AC ± 10% (1P) / 400V, AC ± 10% (3P)1
Max Current 32A, cable size up to 5x6mm²
Charging current configurable from 6A to 32A
Nominal frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Metering Class B - EN50470
Degree of protection IP54/IK08
Overvoltage Category CAT III
status & user interface
Communications Wi-Fi / Ethernet
User identification Plug & Play / 9 point matrix for PIN insertion
User interface Touchscreen 7”
myWallBox App
Communication interface myWallBox and OCPP
Charging status Customized vehicle selection
Screen information (Available/Connected/Charging/Error)
Schedule Charging
Charged Mileage
Energy Monitoring Reporting
Touchscreen Model Capacitive / Resolution 800x480px

Model Name
Input Voltage
Max Power
Max Current
Degree of protection
Operating temperature
Overall Dimensions
Commander 230V AC ± 10% (1P) / 400V AC ± 10% (3P) 7.4kW (1 Phase) / 22kW (3 Phase) 32A IP54 -25ºC to 45ºC 220 x 150 x 135mm

myWallBox App
Get your “myWallbox” experience to your mobile device and more:
Access to AUI Technology (Automated User Identification)
House Energy Consumption real-time monitoring
Smart charging schedules
Download updates to your charger